In Santander, one of the poorest communities of the country inhabits in the Chicamocha canyon and the Alto Sogamoso. Centuries of the tobacco industry, sharecropping, deforestation and machismo have generated poverty in the area. In order to find a solution to this situation, Guayacanal foundation has created the Energetic Efficient Model of Arid Zones – MEEPZA. This is a social project focused on the food security, environmental sustainability, gender equality and women empowerment.
This project involves the production of plants and animals that are adapted to extreme weather and soil conditions, therefore rural people of the zone are learning how to be producers and business owners because they produce, process and sell their products to Aliados Comerciales Nopales de Colombia and Sabider.
Integrating the social responsibility of your enterprise to the social projects of Guayacanal foundation.
Knowing, buying, enjoying and sharing our products.
Visiting our social project and meeting the women who are part of it.

Our Courses

Use of Effective microorganisms – EM.

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Course: Fusion cuisine using garden plants.

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Course: Principles of agroecology

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